Pollen & Allergen Stop
The Protect Pollen & Allergen Stop is not a symptomatic treatment. It blocks, or completely ceases the root cause!! Read more
The Reboot After Drink is a refreshing effervescent suitable for hangover prevention and treatment. Read more
Omega 3-6-9-F
Omega 3-6-9-F is a carefully balanced dietary supplement that contains 90% concentration of pure polyunsaturated fatty acids, rarely found on the market. Read more
Laktacid Reduktor
Lactacid Reductor ZBP-3 has proven to accelerate elimination process of lactic acid build-up in the body by 8-12%, increasing the potential performance increases. Read more
We saw it in a prophetic dream and created it for you.
It was our firm's objective from the beginning to create products which does not exist, or is not in trade, but there would be a big demand among the consumers. Our aim was that after serious researches and developments, not only produce laboratory quantity of our products, but for the marked need. We started the large scale production and these great artefacts are now available for everybody. Before founding our current firm and starting the large scale production, under other company names we have carried out serious researches.


-2007 - development Protect Angel GOLD.
-2009 - finished Protect Angel SILVER After Drink
-2010 - Protect Angel LADY After Drink is ready

Protect Angel After Drink some parts of a product line, proved himself clinically, a natural liver defender imply a substance.
About us
100% Hungarian-owned Holding. All of our products are characterized by the combination of natural materials, the knowledge of current science and our own research. As a result,we have created our unique products of no side effects and with high efficiency just for your health.
? I tested it! It was not necessary but I really felt it ?improved me?! If only it had a good taste, yet!?...?
Mikls Kllay M.D. professor wrote our product

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